A women used to work to run her house. He was 50 years old. His knee ached, 
but he had to work hard. She was going to her office as usual. He noticed 
that there was a huge crowd there. Then somehow she boarded the bus. The bus 
was also very crowded. Then they hear a woman's voice from behind. When she 
looked back, she was a working woman. Who gives them their seats, to sit. 
That woman sits there. After some time, the seat next to the woman vacates. 
So the elderly woman asks her to sit there, but she gives her seat to another 
woman who carries the child in her lap. After some time the woman also gets 
down at her station. The elderly woman again asks the working woman to sit on 
the seat. But again that woman gives a seat to an elderly man of 70 years in 
his place. After some time, that elderly person also gets down at his station.
Now the last station is about to arrive. Now there are fewer people on the bus. 
The elderly woman then asks him to sit, this time the woman sits next to him. 
Then that elderly lady asks him that you got the chance to sit on the seat so 
many times, but each time you gave the seat to other people. Then the working 
woman responded by laughing at them, which changed the thinking of that elderly 
woman. The working woman said that I am a poor woman in Mataji. I live my life 
as a laborer. Now I cannot help anyone with money, so whenever I can, I am happy 
to help people.

There are many difficulties in life,
And humans are afraid of living,
Don't know how between thousands of thorns,
A flower smiles while staying. 

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