How to become Rich

Most people want to get rich but do not do the work through which they can
become rich.
Today I am going to tell you the same things through which you can become
rich as soon as possible-

1. Think Big

First you have to change your mind. Because we become what we think.
If you will be happy after earning 25,000 rupees a month, then you
can never become rich. We should always think big and work hard to
achieve that goal.

2. Be Skillfull

You should always be a master in your work because if you will be a
master in your work, then you will get more chances of success.
As Ratna Tata, Steve Jobs, Sandeep Maheshwari, Bill Gates etc. All
these people have tried to better themselves. Due to which success
kisses his steps.


3. Make Assets

Most people are not able to become rich either because they use their
money to buy precious things and many people also buy goods by taking
loans. Due to which they become poor.
While rich people use their money in property, stock market, mutual
funds etc. due to which people become more wealthy. And even when
those people are resting, the money keeps coming to them because
they use their money to earn money.

4. Save 10% of your salary

Everyone likes to spend money. Whether he is a person of any age, but
we should save at least 10% of our earnings through which we can use
it in future and we do not have to depend on anyone in times of trouble.

Whatever the world thinks is impossible, this is the chance to show off the feat

When people start speaking against you, understand that you are progressing.

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