Become a Gentleman and lady

We always hear that we become Gentlemen. We always want to be like him by looking 
at celebrities. But cannot be made.
Today I am sharing their secret ways with you, if you take them out in your life, 
then you too can become a gentleman and a lady that everyone likes.

1. Social Media

These people use them for staying up-to-date, for knowledge and watching inspiration
videos and making themselves better.
Whereas common people waste 24 hours of their time on this for useless things.

2. They do not pay much attention to the look

These people do not care what people think about them. They live according to their
comfort. Because they believe that if we like something good, then we do not need to
know the advice of others.
While ordinary people are getting upset with their thinness, obesity, blackness, and
low height. No person in the world is perfect.

3. Finance

These people do not depend on anyone. These people strengthen themselves financially
so that in case of trouble, do not read them in front of anyone and if someone needs
help, it can help them.
Whereas common people depend on them by making a rich boy or girl their friend, due
to which these people are always left behind.

4. Confidence

These people believe in themselves. They believe that if we give 100% we will achieve our
goal. And if they fail for some reason, then try again.

5. They think carefully before dating someone

They are very serious about their relationship. If they do not like anything, then they
immediately tell the front. And if they have to break the relationship, then these people
do not make excuses. Let's do this move.
Whereas common people consider the relationship as a joke and do not tell the truth to
each other even if they do not like it.

6. Deep conversation

These people always listen carefully to the person in front and only live that moment at
that time. He also speaks the words of his heart, does not cheat.
Whereas ordinary people do not pay attention to the things of the front and keep talking
on their own. Some people start running their phones at that time. And do not give
importance to the front.

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