Diamond Ring

You will really cry after reading this story. If you really love 
someone, then read this love story till the end.

Today is Neelam's birthday and she is hopeful
Neeraj will propose her for the wedding.
Neeraj had promised Neelam that on her birthday
He will propose by giving her a diamond ring.
Neelam is eagerly waiting for Neeraj.
Then the doorbell rings and Neeraj stands in front.
Neeraj looks very happy.
Neeraj: Forgive me Neelam, I was a little late to come.
Neelam: Never mind, well tell me where is my gift?
Neeraj: (giving a Teddy Bear Sapphire) Happy Birthday Sapphire,
Here is your gift!
Oh, what… Neelam thought that Neeraj would bring a diamond ring and propose it,
but he brought a small Teddy Bear.
Neelam got very angry in her mind and without saying anything and thoughtfully
picked up the Teddy Bear and threw it out the window of the house. Neelam stands
red in anger.
That's when Neeraj goes running down, 200 stairs down
Bringing Teddy Bear who is lying in the middle of the road.
As he bends over to pick up Teddy Bear, a truck arrives from somewhere and crushes Neeraj.
Neeraj was rushed to the hospital but died on the way.
Neelam reaches the hospital and cries a lot.
That Teddy Bear is also lying near Neeraj's body.
Neelam cries a lot by applying it to her chest.
That's when Neelam looks like a button on Teddy Bear,
As soon as she presses that button, Neeraj's voice comes out of that Teddy Bear ……. ”
Neelam, will you marry me? "
Then the top part of Teddy Bear opens and
A diamond ring comes out in it! !
Neelam is rarely able to forgive herself, but this story of friends Neeraj and Neelam
teaches us a lesson.

Whatever happens in the world, never be angry with your loved ones. Never delay in forgiving 
because apologizing to your loved ones does not make you small or big. Forgive your loved ones 
right away.
Because there is no confidence in this life. Angry poison

May it not be so because of the thing that you also have to regret your life like a sapphire.

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