How to solve Life's Problems

1To whom do you ask Q&A in real life?

According to me, we should ask questions and answers to our elders because they can explain to us as best they can. Well no one can explain to us. Take some time for your elders, you can make your life better by spending a few moments with them.

2. What is love ?

According to me, we cannot express love in words. Because it is a feeling that is in our heart for a particular person. If you really love someone, then you can do anything for them. But nowadays finding true love is more difficult than getting a government job. I believe that if you really love someone and they reject your love, then do not ever reject the love of the person who loves you. Because one has to be loved more than one is wanted.

3. Why do many people remain unhappy?

Most people are unhappy because they keep thinking about the mistakes made in their past, while those people should take some decisions or actions in the present through which to improve their future and some people think of unnecessary things. - Thinking and feeling unhappy like love-love, loss of job, rejection through anyone, obesity, thinness, blackness, lack of good appearance etc. I believe that when you feel that you have nothing, then to see poor or destitute people than yourself, then you. You will know that you have a lot of things and when you feel that you have achieved success, then you will see more or more successful people above you, so that you will know that the journey is still ahead and you have to touch more success.

4. Who are successful Person ?

A successful person is one who does not let the person sitting next to him feel small and whoever did not have to tell his name when he met anyone  or never had to see the value of the item while shopping.

5. How to become a successful person?

To be a successful, you should have this quality in you-

1. Always keep positive thoughts. No matter how many problems come in life, one should always look at the positive aspects and try to change that time into good times.

2. Before doing any work, think about it and if possible, start the work by talking to the expert of that field.

3. Don't be afraid to take risks, because if you want to improve your tomorrow, then you will read some decisions today that can improve your tomorrow. Because if you do what other people do, you will get what other people get. That's why keep the spirit of separation and work hard, then you will find what others cannot find.

4. Always keep learning something new. Through which you can improve your future because when a person keeps on doing the same work then he cannot succeed but if he learns new things then he can make himself better through that knowledge.

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