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In today's era, all of us get upset over our small difficulties by giving up. Whereas if we want we can solve all our problems. Ramayana is a book that teaches us a lot. If we take those methods into our lives, then we can ease our and our own problems. 

Let us know those ways -

1. Morality - When Dasharatha saw that he was now old, he decided to make Sri Ramji the king of the kingdom. Whereas the people of today live only in the greed of the chair and do not give their position to the right person.

2. Work - When Shri Ramji came to know that he had been given 14 years of exile, he accepted his father's command as his duty without any criticism. Whereas in the present day people do not perform their duty.

3. Faithfulness - When Sita Mata came to know that Sri Ramji was going to exile, she agreed to go to the forest with Sri Ramji even after everyone refused. Even Sri Ramji forbade him to go to the forest but Sita Mata told him that I am your half-hearted lady. I will stay where you are. Whereas in today's era people do not give importance to their relationships.

4. Integrity - When Bharatji came to know that Sri Ramji had been ordered to go to exile for 14 years, he immediately went to the shelter of Sri Ramji from his maternal grandfather and begged him to take over his kingdom. Then, on Shriram's refusal, Bharatji asked him for his foot paduka and said that this step paduka will remain on the throne till you return from your forest. And he too started living in the forest away from the state. Whereas in today's era, only dishonest work is done honestly.

5. Selfless - When Shri Ram started going to the forest, at that time Laxmanji also agreed to go to the forest with him. And assisted Sri Ramji on foot. And served them selflessly. Whereas in today's era, people forget their blood relationship without selfishness.

6. Auspicious work - When Ravana was about to die, he told Laxmanji that we should complete our auspicious work as soon as possible and avoid the inauspicious work as much as possible.

When you have come to play the character on the ground,
Let us do something to give the example. 

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