This is such a story that after reading, you will also want to fall in love.
I hope this story will definitely touch your heart.
If you like this story of mine, then you will share it with your close ones.
Let's start the story-

A boy who was very good at reading his best friend was his books. But when that
college When he started to go, he found a girl there, on seeing which a strange
feeling started in his mind, Because of which he had lost his mind from studies
and he always thought about that girl then something. In the days, the two became friends and the girl became his good friend.
Gradually friendship turned into love. The two fell in love with each other, but destiny accepted something else. One day the girl came Told the boy that you forget me because I am leaving this city, and will never come back. The boy began to feel as if his world had become desolate. But the boy smiled goodbye to the girl Said. The girl also cried a lot but what could she do?
God wrote in his fate was. The boy thought I would meet the girl for the last time, because then she would leave. Those girl's he went home and saw that she was crying and talking to her mother. And saying that mother today I Did the work of my life that I did not want to do till death but God, my hand lines I forgot to draw the line of life. With whom I had dreamed of spending my whole life. His Could not live together even in the last moments. Saying this, the girl went to her room.
The boy quietly go and talk to the girl's mother and tell me what happened. She refused to say, But the boy started crying, seeing the condition of the boy, she told him that my girl only had something Only a month is left, the doctor has told him that she is blood cancer and said that his escape is impossible. So he broke the relationship by lying to you, because of which you forget him. And without any trouble will leave the world. Because she can't see you sad. On hearing this, the boy went mad. But the boy made a promise to himself that whatever happens, but he will now be with the girl until her last moments. He reaches the girl's house every morning for her used to cook with hands and used to feed with his own hands.
A few days later the girl was admitted to the hospital. His condition had worsened. But boy Did not give up and stood by him. Then the day arrived, the day they had to separate. The boys Grabbed the girl's hand and said that I will not let anything happen
to you. But in front of that God we all can not slowly the girl's breath left him. And
separated them both. The boy sat there holding the hand of the girl. The next day
when everyone came there, he was choke. Because That boy was also dead due to heartattack. They may not be able to live but die together and become immortal.

If you want to know something special then look at it with love 
Look at someone in your eyes,
They will be hurt and tears will come to you,
If you want to know this feeling then look at losing heart.

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