In today's era, everyone wants to succeed as soon as possible. But nobody wants to do their work with honesty and hard work. Everyone wants to achieve success in life easily. But friends can be successful only who do their work with full honesty and hard work. 

Let me explain you through a short story: -

A man goes to STD Booth and calls in which he is pleading with a woman to hire him, he will work there for half a salary and will do better than his old gardener but the woman refuses him That he likes his gardener's work. Still, the man persuades them that he will work for a month for free and will also work side by side, but the woman flatly refuses him. A person sitting next to him was listening intently. As soon as that person came out, that person told him that you can work with me. But the man flatly denied them. The man was surprised and asked him that now you were pleading with the woman to hire him and now why are you refusing me.Then the man smiled and told them that I already work with them. I was just becoming an unknown person and getting information about my work whether he is happy with my work or not.

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