How to Impress a girl

In today's era, every boy wants to have a beautiful girlfriend too. For which he tries 
many times, but each time he has to be disappointed. Because most boys do not do what 
girls like them to do. They do things that cause the girls to get away from them, and 
the boy has a bad influence on them.

If you guys take care of these things of mine, then every girl would like to have a 
similar partner like you-

1. Respect the girls.

The girl can forget the loved one once but never forgets the one who respects them. 
And every person wants people to respect him/her. Make her feel special.

2. Stop running after girls.

Girls do not like boys who fall after them. There is also something called Self Respect. 
Always remember never ever follow anyone else, otherwise you will lose your importance.

3. Improve the way you talk.

You will never want to talk to a person who does not have a way of talking. Or would like 
to talk to someone whose way of talking is amazing. We learn to speak from childhood, but it 
takes us whole life to learn what to speak.

4. Improve your personality.

If you improve your personality, then it will also increase your confidence and you will be 
liked by everyone. And the girl you want to make your partner will also like you.

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