In this one word, the whole world is absorbed. Nowadays people ask you 
what you are doing, not your condition with time. So try to make good 
use of your time. People believe that time is money, but I believe that 
time is more than money. Because no matter how rich you are, you cannot 
bring back your time.

Let us understand this through a story: -

Two friends lived in a city. One was rich and the other was poor boy. 
One day a rich boy told his poor friend that you do not have a place to 
live with a boy like me. The poor boy sadly left, and after a few days 
both of them got enrolled in the university. Both started their studies. 
But the poor boy started learning motorcycle repairing with the university 
and after completing his studies, he opened a car repairing shop and his 
shop became famous all over the city. On the other hand, that rich boy 
could not get a job. And his family's financial condition had also 
deteriorated because his father's health was always poor. Most of the 
money was spent in his father's medicines. And the poor boy had already 
improved his position with his hard work. Now he only looked after the 
work in his company.

Then they both met again, this time the situation was different. This 
time he gets out of a luxurious car and hugs his friend and asks him 
how he has stolen from a bank. Then he thanks her and says that if you 
had not asked me my status on that day, I would not have been at this 
stage today. Now you tell me your location. The boy then apologizes to 
him. He then gives him the job of a manager in his company.

If you care about the way, life will be considered bad.

Only if the kayak hits the waves, the edges will be destined.

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