All of us get so mad behind our goal that we forget life. We forget that we should not spoil ourselves today in the worry of tomorrow.

 Let us understand this through a short story-

 There lived a very good head in a village. Who always helped those who came to him and gave him good advice. Through which the trouble of all people was eradicated. But that head was worried about his son's future because his son lived in the wrong company. Despite his refusal, he was not correcting his wrong habits. Then one day the chief told him about the treasure he had hidden and gave him a treasure map, 4 pairs of clothes and some money. Knowing this, he set out happily in search of treasure. On the way he met many people. Some of which were good people and some were bad people. Somehow the boy goes to that place while searching for that treasure. Going there, he starts digging near the tree according to the map. But he doesn't get anything there. Then he got very angry at his father because they lied to him. Now he had nothing left. He somehow comes down the hill. There is astonishment at seeing the beauty there. Then it is night, then he sleeps on the banks of the river there. The next day he wakes up in the morning and starts his journey. On the way, when those good people meet him again, he stays with them and helps them in farming. And through this, he also earns a few money. While enjoying nature, he reaches his father. The journey in which he had taken the first 6 months took him 1 year while returning from the same journey. When he reaches his father, his father is very happy to see him and starts asking about the journey. The boy tells them about everything and says that before I reached there, someone had stolen the treasure from there. Hearing this, his father smiled and started saying that there was no treasure there. The boy started asking his father why he had sent me there. Then his father told him that he had sent him there to explain how to live life. In which I have succeeded. You came to know how to live life.

 Friends, it is important to have goals in our life, but we should not ignore the small joys of our life in the pursuit of achieving that goal.

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