Don't forget

We feel that everything in life is easily found and we do not have to work very hard. We forget about the hard work behind our success.

Let us understand through a short story-

A boy was very good in studies, he used to get first place in most things. When she finished her studies, she applied for a job in a multinational company. He easily crossed two rounds. The last round was to be with the director of the company through which he was to get the job. When the director saw the boy's Bio data, he started praising him. Then asked him a question about what your father works, the boy replied that he was a Washerman. Then the director saw the boy's hand and told him that I am giving you a job, if you do that job well then your job will be confirmed. So the boy said okay. Then the director said that today you go home to wash your father's hands with your hands and then come to the office tomorrow. She said ok, As soon as his father came home in the evening, the boy washed his father's hand and as he was washing his hands, he felt retail and mutilated. When he was washing his father's hand, he felt his father's pain. Then he asked his father to rest and went and threw all the clothes himself. The next day when he went to the office, when the director saw his hands, he was looking a bit shocked. Then they asked how did you like it. Tears started flowing from the boy's eyes and he thanked the director and told him that he knew how much trouble his family faced for his convenience. But yesterday I felt that pain. Then the director replied that now you are perfect for this job. I wanted someone who understood the suffering of others and did not show any rope to anyone.

Friends, one thing to always remember is that your family has your hand and blessings in reaching the place where you stand today. 

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