Loyalty and Understanding

It is very important to be Loyalty in any relationship because if you will not be Loyal towards your partner, then your relationship will not last long. When you are with him, consider him as your everything and always try to trust him. They should also give their 100% because both of them are very important to be Loyal. 30% of relationships break up due to lack of Loyal and 70% of relationships break up because they do not understand each other. No matter how Loyal you are, if both of you do not understand each other, then your relationship will not last long.

 Let us understand through a short story-

 At a party, a boy met his friend's friend and they spent a good time with each other and started trying to get to know each other. Both were of the same thinking, both loved freedom and both were open minded. The boy gave time to their relationship and did not always let the girl feel lonely. The girl also give her 100%. The girl loved spending time with her friends. One of those friends did not like the boy and he suspected that the girl was cheating on him. Gradually, their relationship soured and they decided to separate. Then both of them started living sad. Both were Loyal in their relationship. But they could not stay together because of not understand each other. If the boy wanted, he could also go to parties with the girl but he did not do so and if the girl also wanted to go to parties instead of the boy and with friends, the relationship of both of them would have been safe. 

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