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We are always in a dilemma as to why we have to face failure, while others are living their lives with dishonesty. But this thinking is wrong friends, people who pray for others in their prayers never need prayers.

Let us understand through a small story-

 One day Sri Krishna and his friend Arjun went out for a walk, when he saw his begging for a begging, which saw Arjun feeling sorry for his condition. Then they go to him and give him a gold bag, seeing which the beggar is very happy and thanking Shrikrishna and Arjuna, he was going from there thinking about the bright future of himself and his family, then on the way a bandit asked him He snatched the bag and beat him and ran away. When that person reached home, he told all these things to his wife. Then his wife told him that God will help us no matter what. Then a few days later he went out to ask for alms, then Shri Krishna and Arjuna meet him on the way, the beggar told him everything, then Arjun again gave him a precious pearl. Due to which the person became very happy and thinking about his future, quickly reached his home and put that precious pearl in an old water pot and rested for some time while his wife was going to fill the river when The matka broke from her hand and then she picked up the old matka in which her husband had put precious pearls and went to the river to fill the water. After some time, when the person woke up, he got upset because the matka was not there. When his wife came back after filling the river with water, she saw the pot, and it did not have that precious pearl in it. Then he told his wife that I had put that precious pearl in this old pot to save it from the robber. Both he and his wife began to grieve over his fate. A few days later, Shri Krishna and Arjun met the man who asked for alms, then told them about his bad luck. This time Sri Krishna gave him 2 rupees and said don't worry, everything will be alright. And that person started thinking how these money will improve my condition. Thinking this, he started going towards his house when he saw that a fisherman was taking a fish on the way and seeing that he started feeling pity on that fish. And he bought the fish for 2 rupees and put it in his small water pitcher and went to leave the river bank. When he swept her into the river, he heard a sound from his pitcher, when he saw that he had the precious pearl that Arjuna had given him. Seeing this, he started screaming and got it. Then he was going from there. The robber took hold of his leg and apologized to him and told him that I will not punish him. Take this your security The robber then left. And the beggar returned all his things to the beggar and thanked God and went back to his house. Seeing all this, Arjuna asked Shri Krishna how all this happened. Then Shri Krishna said that when you gave him alms, he always thought of himself. But when I gave him alms he helped the fish with that money. So he got all his things back. 

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