Care and love

One person was digging alone from morning till evening.  When it was evening, the owner gave him 600 rupees and asked him to stop the work but he told him that you will give me 200 rupees more.  I will complete this work today.  The owner gave her permission.  He was very happy to hear this and started wiping his sweat with his torn clothes.  He started working again.  When his work was completed, the laborer, wearing all his belongings and his torn shoes, took the money from the owner and smiled and went to his house.  Then the owner stopped him and asked why you are smiling so much.  Then the laborer said that my wife had asked me for money to get clothes.  I promised him money today.  And because of your work here today, I will be able to get my wife clothes today.  Saying this, the laborer thanked the owner and went to his house.  Hearing this, the owner's eyes filled up.  He started telling himself that no matter how bad the man is, he keeps his wife as queen. 

Those who don't fulfill their own dreams 
they fulfill others dreams.

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