Half Love

Love is the word that has taught many people to live. And some people have been conquered. Some people believe this to be the reason for living and some people the reason for dying.

 Let us understand this through a short story-

 There lived a boy named Rahul in a city. He loved his father and his family very much. He used to think of achievements, not commissions in life. But fate had thought of something else for him. He fell in love with a girl from his own neighborhood. When the people of this house come to know about this, they fight among themselves. Because of which they have to forget their love even if they do not want to. The girl forgets him but Abhishek cannot forget her. He was so broken inside somewhere that now his faith had fallen out of love. Then he becomes addicted to intoxication. He is not aware of what he is doing. He tried to talk to the girl several times. But the girl did not listen to him. It breaks from the inside. He hates his life, he thinks what I will do by living now. Whenever a new character is entered in the story. He is her tuition teacher. Those who understand his restlessness. Then they explain to him -

 If to save the relationship
 If you have to bow down
 But again and again only you
 Stop if you have to bow down.

 Hearing this, Rahul understood that one-sided love is never completed, then he promised his teacher that from today onwards he will only love himself and his family. Today he has forgotten that girl and is working hard day and night to make her dream come true.

Friends, always remember one thing, 
love can never be forced. 
It happens on its own. 
Just make this love strong, 
not anyone's helplessness.

If you want to know something special, 
then look at it with love,
Look at someone in your eyes,
They will be hurt and tears will come to you,
If you want to know this feeling then look at losing heart. 

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