Heaven and hell

 An elderly man dies. He had heard a lot about heaven and hell since childhood. When he comes to take the Yamdoots, he asks them whether they will take him to heaven or hell. The Yamdoot tells them that I will take you to the Lord's refuge because you have done very good deeds. The man pleads with them that you can show me heaven and hell once. The Yamdoots obey him. First they enter hell. From there comes the sound of everyone crying and shouting. When he reaches there, the man sees that there is a very big pot there, out of which a very good smell is coming. Then the man asked a person standing there that why all of you are so sad. Then that person angrily answers to him what to do if we are not sad. With such delicious food in front of us, we are not able to eat it because it is out of our reach. Then the Yamdoot tells the gentle man that we are getting late. Now let's go from here. Then both of them walk towards heaven. Everyone laughs and sounds of joy are heard from heaven. Everything was the same there as hell, the only difference was that all the people there were happy. Then that person asked another person there why all of you are so happy. Then the person smilingly told the gentleman that the Lord has given us such a delicious meal, so why should we not be happy. Then that gentleman asked how you guys got food from such a large pot. Then the person said that we made a ladder through the surrounding trees and got food with the help of each other. Seeing this incident, the gentleman begged the Yamdoot, asking that the Lord please bless me to explain the difference between heaven and hell. Then the Yamdoots tell them that there is no place like heaven and hell. It depends on the deeds of the person. As you just saw. The Lord gave all things the same in both places. But the situation of people was different at both places. At one place people were upset due to laziness, at another place people were very happy due to their hard work. Having told all this, the Yamdoot took them to the Lord's refuge.

Success is simple. Do what’s right, 
the right way, at the right time.

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