Think Before Speak

 In a plane, a beautiful woman was going to travel abroad.  As she was going to sit in her seat, she noticed that the passenger sitting next to her did not have both hands.  She told this to the air hostess and said that you change my seat as soon as possible.  I do not want to spoil my journey by sitting with such a person.  The air hostess tried but could not find any seat.  Then that woman sat there.  After some time again she told the air hostess that you change my seat as soon as possible.  Then the air hostess said that I talk to the captain and try to get you fit in another place.  After some time the air hostess comes back and says that please forgive us for your inconvenience.  This is the first time that a traveler is being shifted from economy class to first class.  Hearing this beautiful lady is about to give her response that the air hostess says that you do not have any problem. Sir, we want you to shift to first class.  We do not want to spoil your journey.  Hearing this, the person is very happy and says that I am a retired soldier.  I lost both my hands during the war.  I was saddened to hear of these things from the beginning that I gave up my hands for these people.  But I am satisfied to see the response from you guys that I did it right.  Hearing all these things, that beautiful lady bowed her head down and started regretting her behavior.  Then that person went to first-class and started enjoying his journey.

Friends, always remember that the words coming out of the mouth and the arrow coming out of the bow never return.

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