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We all know that good sleep makes a person fresh and energetic. All our tiredness disappears by taking good sleep. As much as it is necessary to take a good and deep sleep for health, equally important is our sleeping position on the bed. The sleeping position also has good and bad effects on our bodies. But a lot of people don't pay attention to this. It is estimated that about 70 percent of people do not know the right way to sleep. As a result, of this many people do not sleep well at night and they have to face various problems.

Problems caused by sleeping incorrectly

- frequent sleep breaks at night

- Digestive problems

– Pain in shoulder, neck, and back

- feeling sluggish all-day

- lack of stomach

All these types of problems can arise due to sleeping incorrectly. Apart from this, sleeping patterns also have an effect on our heart and blood pressure.

Avoid these 6 mistakes that happen while sleeping –

1. Sleeping longer

Research has found that just as less sleep is harmful to the body, in the same way sleeping for a long time also proves to be fatal for your health. There is a sleep cycle in the body, which is helpful in completing sleep.

If you sleep too much, then once this cycle is completed, it starts again. When you wake up before the completion of this cycle, you feel tired and lethargic. In such a situation, you often get a headache problem. That's why you should set a time for your wake-up.

2. Getting less sleep

Research has found that 60 percent of people over the age of 30 get less sleep than necessary. Lack of sleep causes lethargy, fatigue, headache, poor digestive system, and other diseases. That is why it is necessary to take at least 6-8 hours of sleep because this is the stage when our body cleans its dirt present in the neurons.

Then the body prepares body for the next day by eliminating all the cortisol present in the blood. But due to today's hectic life and addiction to social media, people are not able to get enough sleep. To do so is to play with your health. If you too do not get enough sleep, then it is important to think seriously about this.

3. Drinking cold drinks at bedtime

Everyone likes to drink cold drinks in the summer season. Many people have a habit that after having dinner, they go to sleep after drinking cold drinks. Whereas it is absolutely wrong to do so because drinking it while sleeping increases fat which proves to be harmful to the body.

4. Sleep with Electronic Items

Usually, people have a habit of surfing the net on TV, music, or mobile phone before sleeping. But this habit is also harmful to your body because it does not lead to good sleep. It would be better to keep a distance from all these things about 1 hour before sleeping.

5. Exercising Before Bed

Many people exercise while sleeping at night due to being busy during the day. But one should never forget to do this. Because exercising causes exhaustion in the body and its effect is seen on your sleep. Then if you do not have proper sleep, you will feel tired, which will have a bad effect on health.

6. Not turning off the lights while sleeping

While sleeping, many people have a habit that they sleep only with the lights on. If you also have a habit of sleeping with the lights on, then change it immediately. Because those who sleep in the light do not get deep sleep, due to which the body does not get rest. When the body does not get rest, exhaustion remains, which is harmful for the body.

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Know the right way to sleep

Experts believe that the way to sleep is to lie on the left side, starfish position and sleep on the back or upright. All these sleeping positions are considered to be good for health. By sleeping in this way, you will have less stomach and brain related problems. Due to this, your digestive system works properly, due to no pressure on the chest, there is no bad effect on the heart. Every system of the body works properly when sleeping in this position.

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