True Friend

Girl from his bf - listen, ask one thing?
Boy- If I say no, will you not ask?
Girl-of course.
Boy- then ask.
Girl- If I face any problem in my life, will you leave me?
Boy- don't know if he will tell you the time.
Girl-hmm Time will tell, by the way I love u
Boy - I love you too. Let's bye
Girl (in sad mood) - bye
After some time
Girl's friend (who loved him since childhood) - what is hey moti doing?
Girl - nothing, just like that.
Friend- Don't tell, what are you thinking about being misguided?
Girl- If there will be any problem in my life, you will not support me?
Friends, this is also a matter of asking someone crazy.
Girl- I know you love me but I only consider you as a friend and
you know neither do I love anyone else then why?
Friend- I know what happened to one side love, love is not there?
And I just want your happiness and nothing, it is not important to
meet or get in love, the feeling is also something.
Girl- (smiling) Right, you are very impotant for me, you are always
with me as my friend.
Friend - I'm always with you.
See you later girl-walk bye.

After 10 days

Boy-oye where you till now?
Girl- (crying) I actually ...
Boy- What happened and why are you crying?
Girl - I was raped on the highway a week ago.
Boy - what?
Girl- Yes man.
Boy- Then my family will not accept you, now you have to stay away from me.
Girl-plz don't say that.
Boy man, I cannot go opposite my family.
The girl starts crying
The girl's friend overhears all this and hugs the girl and says- Don't cry, I am with you.
Friend girl's bf - you have gone out of here
Girl - friend, now you too leave my life is ruined and I am no longer worthy of anyone.
Dude- Never, who are you all talking about,
I told you I'm not always with you I will marry you.
The girl hugs him and says I love you
Friend- I Love you too

A few days later

Both get married.

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