Motivate yourself in your bad time

Years ago, we did not even know how the body works. Now we have seen it open
and have done a lot of work with it. We have a lot of information about this,
but the more we try to know, the body is becoming more mysterious. It seems
about science that it brings clarity to life, but today modern science has
created many illusions.
Today, Einstein appears to be more irrational than Harry Potter because he
used to talk of mysterious way. As our understanding and so-called knowledge
grow, life becomes more resounding. We are just doing that by pushing the
boundaries of ignorance to make it bigger. Today science is saying that the
universe is constantly growing. If the universe is growing steadily, then
where is this increased? It is a secret. Without being absolutely zero,
we will not know the depth of our ignorance.
Self-knowledge means not to gain information, to touch unlimited ignorance.
There is no limit to everyone's ignorance. But the ignorance of the self-aware
person is infinite because he is free from every bondage. When life runs in
limited ways, then everything seems quite clear. But when things begin to go
beyond your boundaries, then nothing is clear.
People who are on a certain path, as they move forward and feel more strayed.
When absolutely go away and there is no hope of reaching anywhere, understand
the motive is fulfilled. When the hopes of achieving something end, then it is
perfectly correct in the right way. When you cross all the limits of ignorance
and become completely ignorant, then know that you are absolutely right. Being
completely ignorant means that you have become empty and emptiness is indeed

Learning: Disorganization in life is also important, it gives us knowledge.

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