Life teach us a lot

Many years ago there was a beautiful place named Tama. Its population
was more than twenty five thousands. Tama was the headquarter of one
of his district block. There are several colleges and school. Many
students were coming to Tampa from different places. At that  time
there was a small  college  which   was opened  newly named sun
shield arts  college. There was a student named Stuart. He was
studying there and he was a newcomer. He was enjoying himself all
the  time. Because you know for a newcomer in college new entry
feeling is something different you know all that very well. He was
always happy all time fun etc. All class was happy because of Stuart’s
funny attitude. But don’t know he found himself very upset as well as
the teachers and friends nowadays. He was not talking to anybody in the
class all the time just sadness. He was looking like  just  he was  about
to  cry. Then everybody just noticing that then one of his teachers tried
to talk with Stuart. Teacher asked Stuart what happened to you. Why  your
face  is  so sad .you are not  even  talking  to  your  friends, you are
not even playing with your friends . Then Stuart said that I had fallen in
love with a  girl. Now  she don’t want to stay  in  relationship  with me.
She  wants  break up  already  she  left me lonely  i don’t know  what  to
do  now  i am not  understanding  what is  going  on  around  me .i  feel
that there  is nothing  without  that girl  in my life. All the time I am
remembered that moment what I spend with her and crying. Teacher listened to
him carefully. The  teacher wanted to teach Stuart a lesson “ how to live
life happily every moment of our life”. Then the teacher said to Stuart
ok dear don’t worry I will help you.
A teacher said to Stuart please come to my house at 6 pm. I want you in my
house. In 6 pm Stuart went to teacher ’s house then teacher welcomes him in
his house asked for what you would like to drink. Stuart said, teacher, I
would go for a lemon drink. Then the teacher said wait just a minute in the
meantime I will make a lemon drink for you. When the teacher was making a
lemon drink for Stuarts he added much salt to the lemon drink as compared to
sugar. then he made the drink and gave to Stuart. Stuart found that  the lemon
drink  was  very  salty  and  it is not  drinkable .then  Stuart  told to
teach that  it  is  very  salty  then  the  teacher  asked for Stuart  exactly
that's what I wanted to tell you that  it is  very  salty  what to do now please
through out  this one  i will make  a another one  for you then Stuart replied
no no no it’s ok teacher  its  only  salty  if we add  much  sugar  as compare
to  salt  in this  drink  then it  will be  awesome   the  teacher said  that’s
what I wanted  to listen to Stuart  exactly    in the  same  way  your life is
going on  now  your  life  is  very  salty  don’t  you feel that Stuart if
you want to  live  your  life  happily  every moment  then  you have to  just
add  some  sugar  of  sweet memory  in  your life  as compared to  bad memory
just  destroy the bad and sad memory  in your life then enjoy your
life. Stuart understood all that then came back to his hostel. From that day
all the class, students, teachers everyone noticed that Stuart was living his
life better than before all time fun happy life.

The moral thing from this story is always happy whatever situation comes just
forget what happened to you before forget all bad memories and try to add lots
of sweet memory in our life. Then you will rock your life there is no doubt.

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