Love Parents

Today, most people think that their parents did nothing for them. Through 
this story, I will try that all of you listen to your parents care and 
talk and touch the stage in your life that your parents will be known by 
your name. Let's start the story.

A boy had started going to college that he demanded a motorcycle from his
father. But his father's condition was not such that he could get him a
motorcycle. But the boy started stubbornly and told his parents that you
guys do not love me at all. Then his father was forced to sell his old
scooter and was going to get a bike for his son. The son did not know this,
the son asks his mother where is Mommy Papa, his mother answers, son, he
went to get the bike for you. The boy hurriedly puts on his father's shoes.
On his way to the showroom wearing shoes, he has a strange prick in his
foot, to see when he removes the shoe, he sees that the condition of the
shoe was very bad and his father was forced to put the shoe in his shoes.
Were living. Dad asks my mother how to wear these shoes, shoes hurt my leg.
Then the mother answers, son, whatever money your father earns with so much
hard work, most of the money goes to your studies and home EMI, because of
this your father does not change them and every time he pretends that So
these shoes will last 2 months and those who have gone to buy your bike will
sell their scooters and then bring the bike for you in installments. When I
asked him how we would pay the money, he said as other things happen, this
too will happen. I do not want my boy to ever be disappointed for anything or
he feels that we do not love him and the job of parents is to fulfill every
need of children and then he left. He saw his father's clothes and wallet,
most of his clothes were torn and he was running those clothes by darn, then
when he saw his father's wallet, he had a lot of money, and there was a picture
of all three. In this he was his father and his mother. So tears came out of
his eyes, the boy immediately went to his father and father said to father, I do
not need a bike right now. I can also go by bus now. I was just joking, don't
sell your scooty, how will you go to duty? No matter for me, I will leave the
bus or else I will leave you. Right now my reading is necessary, not necessarily
a bike. After this, he hugged his father and started crying and said, "Father,
forgive me." I was asking you for the things that I do not need now and Papa,
today I promise you that I will work hard in my studies and show something
through which people will know you by my name and I will be your mother.
Will illuminate the name of. Then he and his father both happily came home.

Hope you guys like this story of mine. Try not to force your parents to do things 
that are outside of their budget. Never think twice before taking any item that is 
necessary for you at this time and secondly, does your family want that stuff Able 
to buy. And if possible, then pay attention to your future first, if you study 
right now or do something that will make your future bright, then it will be easier 
for you to buy things.

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