Is refined oil bad for health ?

Eat food made in refined oil, not mustard oil and make your health strong. You all must have seen and heard many such things in TV commercials.

But is refined oil really good for health? Does refined oil contain more nutrients than mustard oil? To know the answer to all these questions, we talked to Dr Nitin Garg of Garg Clinic in Delhi, the doctor said that today groundnut, sunflower, soybean and many types of refined oils are available in the market. He said that due to the refining process, many nutrients are lost from the oil. If you use refined oil in excess quantity then it proves to be harmful for your health. Let us know about the problems caused to the body by using refined oil in food.

Side Effect of refined oil

Fatty acids not found

Fatty acids are considered essential for our body to function properly. Experts say that if you use refined oil regularly, then there may be a problem of joint, back pain at a young age. Consuming refined oil in high quantity also increases the risk of diseases related to eyes, heart and brain manifold.

Protein power is zero

During the process of making refined oil, the bass is completely removed from it. Due to which the amount of protein in it remains zero. Regular use of vegetables, parathas and refined oil in food can cause protein deficiency in the body.

Refined oil does not contain protein

When it comes to protein, other oils have more protein than refined ones. At the same time, while making refined oil, bass is taken out of it, now because by extracting bass from any oil, its protein is completely eliminated, so refined oil is completely protein-free, due to which the body does not get the right amount of protein. Is. Due to continuous consumption of refined, there is a lack of protein in the body.

Harmful to the skin

When refined oil is processed, the natural lubricant inside is completely eliminated. Using non-greasy oil can cause problems like wrinkles, dryness and pimples on the skin. The doctor says that if you use only 100% refined oil in your food, then the signs of aging are seen on the skin at an early age.

Cause of heart diseases

Using refined oil on a regular basis does not result in HDL ie high-density lipoprotein. Due to this, the risk of heart related diseases increases manifold.

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