Life Challenge

We are mostly disturbed in life in some way and consider our lives useless and we do not 
do what we should do because of which we lose those who are our own.

Let me explain to you through a story-

One person in a village was very pessimistic. He could not always meet the needs of his family
even after trying. After losing 1 day, he decided that I would leave all and leave. Then one
day all the family members were sleeping at night, so he went quietly from there and walked
along the river on the way. So there he saw that Mahatma Buddha and his disciples were sitting
there meditating and he thought that I also become a monk.
Then he went and requested Mahatma Buddha to make him his disciple, Mahatma Buddha made him his disciple. Then Mahatma Buddha and all his disciples started moving to another place, then under
a tree, Mahatma Buddha started resting and asked his disciple to go and get water for me from the
river. When he reached there, he saw that all the animals there were making convex rocks in the
water. Seeing the disciple, all the animals went from there.
After that the water was so dirty that it was not drinkable. The disciple went back to Mahatma
Buddha and started telling him that Gurudev that the water is not drinkable, in that water all the
animals have made a plight of water by turmoil. Then Mahatma Buddha said that you go once again
there and bring water for me. The disciple said as if he went to get water again, when he got there,
he could not believe his eyes. The water was very cold and clean, then he took water for Guruji from
there. He went to Guruji and went there and told Gurudev that at first the water was dirty but how
did I get clean water when I went again. Mahatma Buddha said that due to the upheaval of the animals, the mud which was on the surface of the water had come up, due to which the water was not drinkable at that time but after some time the mud was settled in the ground again all dirty things went. Due to which the water became cool and clear again. He was surprised to hear this. The same happens in our life whenever we face any problem, then we should not lose our patience at that time.

Because life itself means conflict, and if we find a solution to the problem peacefully at that time, then we can easily eliminate that problem. But man does not do so due to which he has to face many
difficulties. Hearing this, he realized his mistakes and started thinking that my problems were like
this water. I could easily solve it if I wanted to. But I left my family. Because of which my family
must have faced many difficulties. Then he requested Mahatma Buddha to give him permission to go to his family. Mahatma Buddha allowed him to leave. He then returned to his family and faced all the problems of his family and started laughing happily with his family.

🌸Do your own work instead of relying on others.🌸

🌸No matter how many good things you read or listen to, it is of no use unless we implement 
it ourselves.🌸

Friends, we learn from this story that we should always work patiently and face any difficulty whenever there is any problem because nothing is impossible in the world if we want to.

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