Time Value

People say that time is money. But I believe that time is more than money. Because no matter how rich you get, but you can never bring back your past. Therefore, I believe that we should not waste our time because once the time is gone, we cannot bring it back even if we wish, let 
us understand it through the story -

This is the story of a man who was a very stingy lazy person. It is a matter of 1 day when a monk came to his place to ask for alms and in alms he asked the person for food. The person then took a sage with a meal and then took a snack. The monk was happy and said to him, ask for what you want. So he said that sadhu ji, I am very poor, can you give me such a thing. Through which I also get a lot of money. The monk said, "Okay, I give you a miraculous stone. Whatever iron item you wear on this stone, it will become an object of gold." But the magic of this stone will only last for 1 week. At this time next week, I will come to take this stone from you. As long as you want, you can make iron objects into gold.
Then the monk gave it to him and went away. The man went to the market for a day or two and went
there and asked for his price to buy iron items and every time he used to come home without iron items. He was in the loop that when the value of iron would come down. Then I would buy it and a week passed on seeing it. Then as Sadhu ji said, he came to pick up the stone and he begged the monk to let this stone stay with him for only 1 day because he was that miraculous Could not use the stone. But the monk said this cannot happen because this stone had the miraculous power. It is now over, so now you cannot use this stone and you return this stone to me. Sadhu ji went away with that stone and the man started crying a lot and Kosh felt himself. He started saying that if I used the stone at the right time, today I would not have to be upset like this and I would also become a rich person.

From this story, we learn that we should do our work on time because when our time is gone, we are unable to complete the things we wanted to do.

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