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Once a person asked me what is love?
I thought for a while after that I said that we cannot express love in words. Because it is a feeling that is in our heart for a person who is special to us. Without which I cannot imagine my life.
Then I told him the story-

The story is about a husband and wife who were recently married. The wife loved her husband very much, he used to take care of her small and big things. Because of which her husband does not have any kind of trouble. At the same time she used to take care of her mother-in-law also. But the boy did not see that girl so important. As much as he should have given. But the girl still loved him deeply. At the behest of the girl, both men went to see the film. When he was coming back after watching the film, the boy got a call from the office. The boy is crossing the road talking on the phone and then a trucker is passing by but the boy is on the phone, then his wife pushes him and he survives but his wife's Becomes an accident. Then soon he takes her to the hospital and then the doctors save her but due to accident the leg leg of the girl is broken. The doctor corrects her and tells her husband that it will take at least 2 to 3 months to recover until she has to bed rest and there are some medicines that will feed you from time to time through which it can be recovered soon. Will go. Then both of them reach home. On reaching home, the boy asks him why you did this, you could even die. The girl then gave an answer that caused the boy to tear up. He said that my love is you. If you had anything, I would have died while living, that's why I saved you. The boy starts crying and says that I have never given importance to you. But you have loved me so much. I can not say in words. But I promise you today that there will never be tears in your eyes and even if tears come, there will be tears of joy.

Hope you guys like this story of mine. If there is such 
a person in your life who loves you deeply, then try and 
love him too. These loving people meet very rarely.

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