Love your loved ones

A father loves his children very much but sometimes due to some 
misunderstandings, the children feel that their parents do not 
love them, so some relationships get broken and
Sometimes our sayings later hurt us a lot, something similar happened 
in my story. I hope that you will get to learn something from this 
story and you will also love your parents or your family.

It is a matter of a day that a girl asked for scooty from her father
but the circumstances of the house were not such that her father
could get her that scooty, yet the girl insisted and stopped talking
to her father.
It's been a week but the girl was not talking to her father
Then the next day his father was calling him again and again but the
girl did not pick up his father's phone. Later in the evening, an
ambulance and a scooty came together. The girl was very happy to see
Scooty but when the ambulance gate opened.
After seeing the girl who was taken out of her father's body, she
went to the Chowk, then the people and friends of her father's office
also came there. He told that his father had taken advance loan for
Scooty. He had said that my girl has been asking for Scooty for a long
time and is not even talking to me in anger. I want to give her a
surprise gift this evening!
And he was calling you all day long but you didn't pick up the phone,
he had booked Scooty, Scooty was going to come in this evening itself.
Your father was calling you again and again.
But because of not picking up your phone, he started getting upset and
suddenly he started getting chest pain! We took him to the hospital
where he died
The doctor said that he had very high tension, due to which he got hurt.
Girl started crying in front of father's corpse and
Scooty was standing next to him! A stubbornness of that girl ended her
father's life and her life.

Sometimes we ask our parents for things they are not able to give us! 
But still try our best to meet our needs! But sometimes we must understand 
that we demand those things
Which is very important for us and not for things that are outside our 
budget! Because sometimes our family gets shattered to meet our needs or 
the head of our family has to suffer a lot. The most precious thing in 
the world is the love of parents and sometimes it is not destined for many 
people, so try to demand things according to the condition of your home and 
if possible, you should be able to buy that thing yourself. Because you can 
earn money anytime but if you lose your loved ones then you cannot read 
them again.

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