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What is a Computer?

A PC is a computerized electronic machine that can be modified to complete arrangements of number juggling or sensible activities consequently. Current PCs can perform nonexclusive arrangements of tasks known as projects. These projects empower PCs to play out a wide scope of assignments.

1. Miniature Computer

A microcomputer is a little, generally economical PC with a chip as its focal handling unit. It incorporates a microchip, memory, and negligible info/yield hardware mounted on a solitary printed circuit board.

2. Mini computer Computer:

A minicomputer, or casually scaled-down, is a class of more modest broadly useful PCs that were created during the 1960s and sold for substantially less than centralized server and average size PCs from IBM and its immediate rivals.

3. Mainframe Computer

A Mainframe PC casually called a centralized server or enormous iron is a PC involved principally by huge associations for basic applications like mass information handling for undertakings, for example, censuses, industry and shopper insights, venture asset arranging, and huge scope exchange handling

4. Super Computer

A supercomputer is a PC with an undeniable degree of execution when contrasted with a universally useful PC. The presentation of a supercomputer is usually estimated in drifting point activities each second (FLOPS) rather than million directions each second (MIPS)

5. Work stations

A workstation is a unique PC intended for specialized or logical applications. Planned essentially to be utilized by a solitary client, they are usually associated with a neighborhood and run multi-client working frameworks.

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