Bill Gates has said 3 amazing things


1. Do not compare yourself with anyone, you are insulting yourself by doing this

We should not compare ourselves with anyone, every person has a different way of doing his work and looking at the world. What do other people have? Instead we should see what the person is doing. That's why he is such a successful person.

2. If you can't do something good, at least do it as good as you can

If you can't do something good, then at least do something that is good. Which brings about a change in someone's life. And because of that work of yours, some people may get the work done.

3. Celebrate victory but always remember the lesson from defeat

We should celebrate our victories big or small. If possible, after achieving your goal, give yourself a small gift and party. But we must also remember the lessons learned from our mistakes. So that in future our chances of success will increase. At the same time, we should also learn from the mistakes of others. Because a wise person is the one who learns from his mistakes as well as from the mistakes of other people.

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