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Sonu Sood is one of the actors known as real life hero. Sonu Sood is famous all over the world for his villain acting; He is the one who has a generous personality and hero image in real life. Sonu Sood has spoken so much in South Indian Movies that he is a Versatile Actor. Sonu Sood is also a successful actor and film producer. Sonu Sood has worked in many languages ​​like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Punjabi language films. During the time of the recent Corona tragedy, he is one of the people who helped people in every way, who brought Robin Hood's character on the screen, as we all know, Sonu Sood is very much for his villain's character in films. He is more famous but at the time of this tragedy, he helped the needy a lot. Today we know more deeply about such a Christ, so let me tell you something about Sonu Sood-
 Sonu Sood was born on 30 July 1973 in Moga, Punjab province. He did his early education from Moga but he went to Nagpur for college education. Sonu Sood has an engineering degree in electronics. Sonu's father Shri Shakti Sagar Sood was an entrepreneur and Sonu's mother Saroj Sood was a teacher. Sonu ji also has two sisters Malvika Sood and Monica Sood. When Sonu was pursuing his engineering studies, he met a girl, both of whom later became very good friends and on 25 September 1996, Sonu Sood married Sonali. Now they also have two sons, Ishant and Ayan. Sonu started his career in such a way that initially he worked in small roles but wanted to become an actor, then in 1999, Sonu Sood made his debut in the film industry with the Tamil language film 'Kaaljhaghar'. He played the role of Villain in the Telugu language film Hands Up, after which he got a chance to play Villain in films one after the other, making him one of the best villain actors of that era. Gradually, he started acting in Hindi films as well. Sonu Sood played the role of Bhagat Singh in the 2002 film Shaheed-e-Azam, from which he made his Bollywood debut. Showed his acting talent in *young*. Sonu Sood was also seen in Phir Aashiq Banaya Aapne, which made a splash at the box office in 2005, has done very well in both Bollywood-Tollywood and has made his best role. Sonu Sood won many awards for his portrayal of Chhedi Singh in the movie Dabangg. Due to which his reputation has increased in the hearts of Indians and he has been awarded with many awards. Sonu Sood is in the headlines in today's time because the Corona tragedy was the period in which Sonu Sood helped many migrant laborers and became an angel. Like, Sonu Sood, who came out for him, tried to help the migrant laborers whose jobs were snatched away in the lockdown and he launched a website on his 47th birthday, which he named Overseas Employment. The goal of this website is To provide employment in the surrounding area to those who had lost their jobs due to the corona epidemic, those who helped Sonu Sood say that Sonu Sood is not just a messiah but a form of God, in today's world where everyone cheats like this. In Kali Yuga, he gave birth to humanity and today everyone wishes a good life and happiness to Indian Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood is also very famous for his body fitness, he has a lot of girls fans. Sonu Sood also participated in the Mr. India competition, although he could not win he came in the top five. Sonu Sood is helping people in today's time as an angel and he has cited that he is helping all these people selflessly Sonu Sood is a real-life hero. Sonu Sood is being liked a lot in today's time.

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