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Born on 9 June 1976, Ameesha Patel is celebrating her 45th birthday today. Although Amisha Patel has turned 45 years old. But even today, she has the passion to compete with the heroines. Ameesha Patel, who rose to fame with Kaho Na Pyaar, gave her image in Gadar in an even more explosive way.
Ameesha Patel started her career with a superhit film. Whose name is Kaho Na Pyaar Hai from which Ameesha made her Bollywood debut. Ameesha got her first film role because of her father. This film was followed by his hit film Ghadar in 2001. Ameesha did a great job with Sunny Deol in the film. Ameesha was nominated for the Filmfare Award for the film Gadar.

 Ameesha Patel did not become popular even with her initial hits

In 2002, Ameesha Patel worked with Barbie Deval in the movie Humraj. This movie was very super duper hit. After working in hit films, what happened that Amisha Patel's career went bad. Has done more than 40 movies. Despite this, his career kept coming to an end.

Ameesha Patel has been the first such actress. Who got such popularity from two films that no one ever got in his entire career. Ameesha is now rarely seen in films, although Ameesha is trying to return to Bollywood. But they are not getting the right platform. Directors also sign her as a side role.

In 2005, Amisha Patel's film Mangal Pandey did not do much. After this Ameesha played a great role in Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd in 2007 and the movie was a super hit at the box office. After these movies, Ameesha Patel worked in hit films like Bhool Bhulaiyaa and Race 2. But due to the side role, Ameesha did not get much recognition. Ameesha Patel was last seen in the film Bhaiya Ji Superhit. Apart from this, she was seen in Bigg Boss season 13. When he stopped getting work in Hindi films, Nisha Patel started working in Tamil films. There too he did not get success. If we talk about Ameesha Patel's personal life, then she does not get along much with her parents. He has a long-standing dispute with his family over the property. Ameesha Patel accuses her father of grabbing 12 crores, Ameesha believes that her money has been misused by her father.

At one time Ameesha Patel's name was also associated with director Vikram Bhatt. In the interview, Amisha had talked about marriage regarding her relationship. But this relationship did not last long, both of them separated from each other.

There is also a lot of discussion about alcohol, many of her videos went viral in which she appeared intoxicated. Although Ameesha Patel is one of the most educated heroines in Bollywood. Ameesha Patel has been a Gold Medalist in Economics.

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