Motivational tips for Depression

In today's era, everyone is worried about something and they think that we will end 
ourselves, everything will be alright, but it is wrong, we should always believe in 
ourselves because when happiness is not always there is a time of sorrow. Neither 
will be there.

Let us understand this through a story.

A boy who always thought of making money. But everyone used to make fun of him. He 
thought if I want to get rich then I have to do business and I will need money for 
business. So he started working in a company but he was not able to do the work 
properly due to which his boss used to scold him and insult him in front of everyone. 
He used to be normal and that is why all the people of office made fun of him. And 
nobody talked to him. He was very upset then he thought that I commit suicide, which 
will end all my troubles. Then when he was going to the office the next day, he found 
a line written on the wall, which boosted his confidence. And he resigned after going 
to office. Then he went out to find a new job. Soon he got a new job. Now he started 
talking to everyone here and who could not work, he started to ask his senior and 
people working together. Started talking to everyone. Now he started feeling better 
than before. And his confidence was boosted. This was all due to the line written on 
that wall. It was written that

"You are the king of your life, people outside are just subjects"

"You will be what you want in your life"

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