Once my friend asked me which person we should love, then  I thought and he replied that we should love the person who wants us, not the person we want. She got into thinking then after some time she asked me why? Then I replied to him that if he loves you, if he rejects your 
love, then never leave the hand of the one who loves you, because one has to be loved more than one wants. And the person who wants you. He can do anything for you and he will always 
support you for your happiness and to make your relationship better and if possible, after the parents there will be another person who will love you deeply. Then my friend said You told me 
this good thing but you can explain it to me better, then I told him a story I hope you also like it.
Let the story begin: -

A poor boy was deeply in love with a rich girl. But that girl did not love him. And he used to make fun of her on every small thing and always insult her and taunt her. But he used to fall in love
with that girl. One day the boy was going to propose to him, then he saw that the one whom he wants to make his partner is in someone else's arms and then he sees the reality of that girl. The girl was telling her boyfriend that I do not love her, she is mad after me, where is her status, whoever I love her, I love you. Hearing this not from him, that boy started crying a lot and upset that he was going to commit
suicide. Then a girl comes and stops him and tells him that I love you deeply. But I was never able to tell you because I always saw that you sacrifice your life for my friend. But she does not understand your love. But I love you. I want you not to take any decision that will upset your parents later. Life is very beautiful, just give it a chance, you too can achieve what you want. Hearing this, the boy wiped his tears and told the girl that you opened my eyes. Now I promise you that I will never let a tear in your eye in your life and never do anything that causes you or my parents to cry. Seeing this, the boy worked hard. Then became the owner of a large company. Then he went to a restaurant one day. The girl met him there again but could not recognize him, after looking carefully, he felt that he was the one who
loved me very much. She starts talking to him and asks what do you do nowadays. I am married, my husband is a manager in a company, his salary is Rs.100000. What are you doing now, then the husband of that girl comes and starts talking to that boy and introduces his wife. And tells that this is my Bose and then tells about his boss that our Bose loved a girl very much. But the girl betrayed them. And refuse them by saying that you are poor. I do not love you and today our heads earn 100 crores rupees a
month. Then that girl starts repenting inside and thinks that if I had understood it, we would both be happy today. But due to my stupidity, I made such a big mistake. Then the boy's wife also comes there. Then that boy introduces them both and says that this is my wife, then that girl goes to the square because that girl is her friend.

That is why friends, if you have to take revenge on someone,  then wait for your time, when there is no good time, bad time will not be there and if you are watching bad time then you 
will also see good time. That is why: -

If you want to take revenge on someone in the world, then your enemies will succeed by themselves. I hope you like this story of mine and you will share this story with your friends.

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