Effect of consistency

Once a king hunted someone with his convoy for the purpose of hunting was passing through the forest. The victim was not seen far and wide, they slowly he entered the jungle. Just went away that he saw the hiding place of some bandits. As soon as they reach that the parrot sitting on the nearby tree said - "Hold hold A king is coming. It has a lot of goods.

Come, come soon. " Hearing the voice of the parrot, all the robber king and run The king and his soldiers see the bandits and come in he ran and ran.

Rushing Koso went away. One in front a big tree appeared. Go to that tree for
a while went, as soon as he reached the tree that the parrot sitting on that tree
spoke lying - come Rajan, welcome to our Sage Mahatma's hut. come in. Drink water and relax. This thing of parrot hearing this, the king was shocked, and started thinking that two people of the same caste. How can the behavior of beings be so different? Something to the king. I could not understand. She obeyed the parrot and made a monk went towards, the sadhu bowed down to the Mahatma and sat near him and told the whole story. And then gently asked, "The sagebrush of these two parrots why is there such a difference in
behavior? "
Sadhu Mahatma patiently listened to all the words and said, "This is nothing
Rajan just of association. Is the effect. Parrots also behaved like bandits while
staying with the bandits. And have started speaking their own language.

That is to say, the environment in which it lives becomes like that. Is that a fool also becomes a scholar by staying with the scholars and if the scholar also. If he stays in the company of fools, then there is foolishness in him.

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